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Okay, first, it's "Presidio". Second, it has higher percentage of Hispanic population than Diamond Heights.

Also, Ctrl-F, "Visitation Valley". Not found. Oh, but actually I was curious about that particular neighborhood which is 6% white and voted for the recall. Let's pretend Asians don't exist and it wasn't Asian voters who kicked Boudin out.

He was voted out in SOME of the richest, whitest areas of SF. This is true.

At the same time, nearly ALL of his support was in the other richest, whitest areas of San Francisco, as well, such as Noe Valley, Haight-Ashbury, Cole Valley, Bernal Heights, Glen Park, the Inner Sunset, and, yes, the Mission (for as many people of Hispanic decent there are in the Mission, there are an equal number of white residents, both at around 37% of the neighborhood's population).

Meanwhile, he was soundly beaten in the poorest, non-white areas of SF, such as Bayview/Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, the Excelsior (the most Hispanic neighborhood in SF, by percentage of population), Lakeview, the non-bougie areas of Western Addition, Tenderloin, Chinatown, 6th Street. Not to mention the working middle-class Asian neighborhoods of the Sunset and the Richmond.

If you're going to tell the story of this election, tell the full story, not just the narrative.

This rant blog post is full of straw-man arguments. Disingenuous. Cope piece by a self hating white girl

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I just visited SF from New York. I thought I had seen some tough stuff in my neck of the woods. Nope.

Whatever your "narrative" is versus the one you are calling out makes no sense to me. I saw a city in ruin, on its knees. Men defecating in the street. Tents. Addicts. People suffering from mental health issues, raving on the street, with nobody listening.

The last time I visited the city--about five years ago--change was afoot but there was no way to telegraph this nightmare. Forget about narrative: whatever the reforms, they are not working. And yes, defunding the police does mean less cops, which means less response.

Sometimes that happens in life. Put someone in office who will balance reform, stay true to the freedom of San Francisco and reclaim a great city.

I do find this piece interesting in that I spent four days among super-left liberals--all white, not a person of color anywhere in sight. San Francisco and the left is as full of crap as the conservative, idiotic right. (Help the black people, defund the police. Just not HERE!)

Stop blaming everything on "narrative", or get better at pushing one that makes sense. All I know is, seeing two men with dropped pants on a street at 12:30 in the afternoon in San Francisco, doing their is not a good look for a beautiful, historic city.

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Your use of the word Karen to disparage a "racial" demographic is disgusting. I'm guessing you use white boy too...

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Delete your blog. Richmond, Sunset, Outer Richmond, Vistasion Valley are not richest and whitest. Noe Valley and Castro are

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All leftists are freaks

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