Great entry! It seems like everyone interested in this policy area has a suggestion for how the rename the current crisis. Two suggestions: "opioid crisis," and "drug policy crisis."

I don't like "overdose crisis" because it implies a user working with a known quantity and quality of drugs and pushing the limits of their tolerance in order to get higher. It's implicitly moralistic. It's also inaccurate, as users are not working with a known quantity or quality of drugs. They may be trying to take what for them is a very small dose, but still die from respiratory problems if they do not expect fentanyl in their buy. "Opioid crisis" doesn't carry this implication.

"Drug policy crisis" is really the best, because it places blame where it belongs: on the drug policymakers who dedication to abstinence and supply-side interventions have delivered us to this place, where the Iron Law of Prohibition gives us fentanyl where there used to be heroin.

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Great piece. Informative for those that are not aware of what the “Opioid /Overdose Crisis” truly is about (not Rx opioids but illicits being poisoned). Unfortunately, the mainstream media keeps with the false narrative more often than not (they rarely refer to it as “illicit” fentanyl poisoning & rather have the public believing that it’s Rx fentanyl. This has garnered the attention of some groups to call for pulling fentanyl from use even in medical setting like operating rooms!)

It’s even more dangerous if the drugs are now being laced with a veterinary drug & this is not being reported both accurately & broadly in order to better inform those that may partake.

Keep up the great reporting!!

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