What's up with San Francisco?

Tana and Zach sit down with Adam Johnson to discuss the recall of former district attorney Chesa Boudin, and the so-called backlash against criminal justice reform.


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Intrepid reporter Nellie Bowles braved the frontlines of San Fransicko to tell the world about the devastation unleashed by the dictator Chesa Boudin. It’s her city, she wants to be clear, and I guess she has some claim to that given she’s a heiress descended from a San Francisco cattle empire.

Jonathan Chait, king of the false equivalency, concludes the left has hijacked Democrats at the city level like right-wing have taken over the GOP. I think? It’s hard to say, he kind of slides around rhetorically with formulations that amount to arguing that even though Boudin is not responsible for homelessness, it was right to blame him for homelessness anyway:

It may be true that the underlying cause of homelessness lies outside of Boudin’s control. But given that he publicly articulated a change in policy in handling the symptoms of that crisis, it’s hardly a surprise that voters would fault him when the symptoms worsen.

Join us for the first episode of The Dumbest Thing That Happened This Week.

Special guests: Journalist and media critic Adam Johnson (Check out his Substack, The Column, here).

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