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I won’t believe those stories until there’s something about Dazzle getting the munchies

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lol my 20 pound chihuahua terrier mix got into my stash a few times. My ex freaked out once and paid the vet $400 to give him some medication with charcoal and he shit black the following day. The next time I decided to let him sleep it off. Sure he was a little wobbly and confused but I figured if he could eat kitty litter and other such nasty things a little weed would not kill him. he was fine.

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Why? Because it's state media in practice if not in fact and they print anything a cop suggests to them.

Meth poop. The power of knowledge in her hand and she doesn't know that dogs just love to eat poop, it's just how they are and that when you metabolize drugs it doesn't just pass through your body unchanged. One chemical goes in a related but markedly different chemical comes out.


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